GE StayBright® LED Flickering Window Candle

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Steady burn warm white LED shines super bright towards the street, softer to inside of home Automatic timer (On 6 hours, off 18 hours); Repeats daily Requires 4 AA batteries (Not Included). Last 30 days on 1 set of batteries Adjustable Candle Height (Total height of 11" or 13"), LED shines at 10" or 12" Metal Base Diameter: 2-5/16 inches; Replace Bulbs with item P-1935-R4-W-RH At 612 Vermont we have partnered with leaders in holiday window candles to bring you attractive, high-quality options for seasonal or year-round use. Our Ultra-Bright warm white LED Window Candles are our premium Tier III candle option, which solves many of the problems that most LED window candles have. The patented, Dual Intensity White LED bulb features 2 bent LED lights that are angled so that one side of the candle shines super bright on the outside while shining softer on the inside. Enjoy the benefits of the brightness of traditional electric window candles, while simultaneously benefiting from the cordless, cool-to-the-touch benefits of LED technology. Built-in Auto Timer turns on as soon as you insert the batteries and screw on the bulb. Stays on for 6 hours and then cycles off for 18 hours. Repeats daily. At 612 Vermont we prefer auto-timer candles because they guarantee the lights go on at a specific time each day, whereas sensor window candles sometimes have issues with outdoor and indoor lights preventing them from turning on and off. To adjust the start time of the Ultra-Bright LED Window Candles simply unscrew the bulb and re-screw it to make contact at the time of day you want the lights to go on. Many candles are all plastic construction. Our premium Tier III candles feature a metal base available in 4 finishes (Antique Bronze, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, and Matte Onyx). Other components include a white, plastic candlestick and glass LED bulb with a built-in auto timer. Adjustable candlestick height. Candlestick removes from the base to adjust the height to either 11 or 13 Inches (LED shines at 10" or 12"). The metal base measures 2-5/16 inches in diameter and 2-5/8" tall. Candlestick diameter 7/8". Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Lasts 30 days on one set of batteries. Replace bulbs with item P-1935-R4-W-RH.